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Live virtual classs or recorded classes to enjoy in your own time? You choose.

Have fun and amaze your friends and family cooking beautiful food the healthy way:

Do your children love to spend time in the kitchen? Would it be great if they were to help with meals more often? Are you frustrated that the only cookery education they have access to is baking cookies?

Let's do something a bit different.

During lockdown, 'Kids in the Kitchen' brought live cookery classes to children every week. Now that most children are back at school it's time for a new approach, combining recorded and live classes in a monthly subscription for maximum flexibility so you can enjoy the sessions in the best way for your family.

Are you passionate about healthy eating, but hate boring or preachy messages? In my cooking classes I'll enable your children to enjoy the colours, flavours and textures of healthy meals. Healthy will never be boring again.


Healthy, fun & accessible

I don't do boring food! We'll prepare exciting, colourful dishes from all over the world, without having to go to the ends of the earth to find difficult ingredients. It won't cost the earth either.

All my recipes are free of refined sugar, and most are gluten free. Recipes can be adapted for most dietary needs - and I'll even leave out anything your children really can't stand!

minimum prep

Learning skills for life while playing

Cooking reinforces many valuable skills. As well as the cooking itself, children can practice weighing and measuring, problem solving, science, communication, using descriptive language and more. But it doesn't feel like learning.


Your children cook, so you don't have to

Recipes will be designed for children in Year 4 and upwards to complete with minimal supervision. Younger children are welcome, but they will need more help. Take a break, & let your children create something delicious for you.

How it works



You invest in a monthly subscription. There's no ongoing commitment; you can pause whenever you like.


Gather ingredients

At the start of each fortnight you'll receive a menu and shopping list for the next two weeks, so you can plan your shopping. I'll also tell you which kitchen ingredient you'll need. If there's anything you don't eat or can't manage, we can chat about alternatives.



There will be two recorded classes and two live Zoom classes every month, and each will consist of a savoury and a sweet (no refined sugar) dish. Live Zooms will be held on the second Wednesday of the month at 5pm, and on the fourth Sunday of the month at 3pm. If you can't make it to a live class, you'll receive a recording, so you can cook along at your lesiure. Each live or recorded class will last around an hour. Watch out for additional bonus classes for special occasions.



All classes, both live and recorded, are designed so that you can cook along. I'll take things steadily so that you can get everything done, even if you're new to the kitchen. Children aged 8 and above should be able to manage with a reasonable degree of independence, but younger children will need more help. Remember you can contact me at any time for advice.



Enjoy a healthy meal as a family. Discover different ingredients, festivals and food cultures as you have fun preparing and sharing together.

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I'm Susannah Alexander, nutritional therapist, speaker and educator. I've been working with young people for over 20 years. I ran a museum education service for 7 years and I've taught formally and informally for all ages. I continute to teach and tutor every day.

I've always been passionate about food, and loved cooking. I strongly feel that getting children involved in preparing and tasing delicious, healthy food is the key to giving them a healty relationship with food and their bodies for life. With the huge body image issues that young people face in today's world, this may be one of the most valuable gifts we can give them.

I love healthy eating and I have a first class honours degree in nutritional therapy. But, above all, I want the experience of cooking and eating to be a wonderful adventure for young people so that healthy eating never feels dry or boring, and being in the kitchen never seems like a chore, but becomes an exciting tale of discovery.

Whether it's their first time in the kitchen, or they already enjoy cooking, I'd love to enable your children to take the next step towards the joys of the healthy kitchen.

“This was fabulous. (Child's name) (7) thoroughly enjoyed it. She only needed minimal help. We are in.”

Julie C. (Business Coach and Super-Mum)

"My 6 year old twins have had a great time cooking-a-long with Susannah and making some truly delicious treats.  Susannah has sent the ingredients in advance so we have been able to prepare beforehand and she has taken them through each recipe at a steady pace, explaining each stage clearly and stopping when she has spotted one of them getting a bit behind.  I cannot praise her enough and we are looking forward to the next cook-a-long! .”

Caroline L. (Head Teacher)

Is your family ready for some kitchen fun?

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