Stronger Without Sugar

Achieve your energy goals and more in just 20 minutes a day, and live life the way YOU want it. My nutrition & mindset course will show you how.

Stronger without sugar is a 60 day course that will teach you how to kick your sugar habit once and for all so that you can win back the energy to do what you most love without meaningless food measurement, tough exercise or emotional stress.

What could you achieve with more energy?

  • Spend more time playing with your children?
  • Feel incredible in your jeans?
  • Get active without feeling exhausted?
  • Take up an exciting new hobby?

You don't have to choose! My successful graduates have achieved all these things and more in just 60 days.

It takes less than 20 minutes a day to develop powerful new habits and achieve more than you ever believed possible.


Healthy & fun

Enjoy delicious, healthy food every day, and boost your success in our fun Facebook group. Choose what you like from lots of foods, try bonus recipes and achieve success your way!

minimum prep

Easy & accessible

You don't need to be a kitchen ninja to do this. It's all real food with accesible ingredients. You choose what to eat based on the food list, and you can make it as straightforward or sophisticated as you like.


Succeed anywhere

Do you travel for work? Are you going on holiday? Do you have limited access to healthy food at work? No problem; we've got you covered with ideas for healthy eating on the go.

Here's my graduate Joanna to tell you about her success

What you’ll get during the 60 days of the course

  • Full instructions
  • List of permitted foods
  • 5 day menu plan
  • Daily motivational emails
  • 4 workbooks, one each fortnight, with daily tasks
  • 8 videos, 1 each week, for in-depth coaching
  • Private Facebook group for advice, support and inspiration
  • Special BONUS: A 15-minute 1:1 call with me; express help when you need it!
  • Surprises along the way (nice ones!)

What is 'Stronger Without Sugar'?

‘Stronger Without Sugar’ is a unique and highly successful 60-day programme designed to change your thoughts, habits and behaviours and enable you to become free of sugar, and build healthy habits for life. My graduates have already had great results, and you can too!

‘Stronger Without Sugar’ has been running successfully since 2016. My successful graduates achieved:  

  • Increased energy 
  • Better sleep 
  • Weight loss 
  • Healthier-looking skin 
  • Reduced bloating and wind 
  • Better relationship with food 
  • Greater enjoyment of food

‘Stronger Without Sugar’ works because it combines findings from the world of nutritional science with powerful motivational tools that will enable you to understand and take control of the thoughts which affect your behaviours for good.  

There are NO compulsory physical activities, NO expensive supplements and NO time-consuming homework. The daily tasks should all take a maximum of 20 minutes a day.

Give this 20 minutes, and you'll gain back that amout of time and more through having more energy. 

The benefit participants experience (and love) most of all is increased energy. You may shed a few pounds, but you certainly don't need to be overweight to join; success comes in all shapes and sizes!  

Jules Langford

“It is quite incredible the way my diet had changed. Even my Mum has noticed. If I can succeed with Stronger without Sugar, I think anyone can. So thank you, Susannah, it really was an investment worth making.”

Jules L.

“One of the things I am loving is that you don't see the difference yourself but others do and that is so affirming. A work colleague who hadn’t seen me for a while said “Wow, look at you”.  

Susannah has created a wonderful support program and I love the creativity of her workbooks, recipes and thought provoking ideas and challenges.

Kathy E.

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