21 Days to Happier Blood Pressure

Reduce the Pressure

"Yes Please!"

This is for you if:


Help your medical team by taking the best care of yourself. This course is focused on food and lifestyle only, so it's safe for you whether or not you use blood pressure medication. But always consult your doctor before you begin.


You don't yet have high blood pressure but you're concerned you may be heading in that direction. Perhaps you've measured your own blood pressure, or had a test at the gym, and the numbers aren't ideal. Now is the perfect time to take action!


If a parter or relative has high blood pressure or prehypertension and you want to know more about what to cook for them and how to support them, you're in the right place!

Make changes that matter

High blood pressure is Britain's biggest 'silent killer'. Over time, high blood pressure can seriously increase your risk of heart attacks, strokes, kidney disease, dementia, vision loss and even sexual dysfunction.

Making a few easy lifestyle changes can help you to support healthy blood pressure. You don't need to go on an extreme diet or do tons of exercise, in fact you definitely shouldn't do these things. Instead, you can maximise the benefit and minimise the stress by doing this gently, your way, one day at a time over 21 days. Or, if you prefer to 'fast track' and make lots of changes at once, you can do that. It's all good.

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What you'll achieve over 21 days:

Understand your body better

What exactly is blood pressure, and what might elevated blood pressure be doing to your body? Knowledge is power, so equip yourself by understanding what your body does and how to help it work better for you.

Discover what to eat and why

There are so many delicious things to eat in order to support your health. Find out why they are important, and how to make delicious choices that are right for you.

Learn which lifestyle activities pack the biggest punch

'Exercise', they said. 'Relax', they said. But which exercise? How much is good? What if I can't relax? What if I have no time? I'll help you answer all these questions and enable you to make the choices that will have the biggest impact in the smallest time frame.

Be supported, not judged

Ever had a conversation with a health professional where you wanted to be listened to and all they said was, "Lose some weight", or "It's your age"? Not here! This is a size-friendly space where you get to be respected as a human being.

You have been such a source of encouragement and inspiration to me! You are kind, funny, down to earth. You have been in my kitchen for months and I love your honesty and friendliness.”

— Clare H. Aspiring cook and runner

What's included in the programme?

Food list and daily meal plan

Your course, your way. Either follow the exact meal plan I use to keep my blood pressure in the optimal range, or buy anything on the shopping list I'll give you and cook the food that you love to eat. Every day you'll receive recipes, and there will be plenty of instructional videos along the way.

Micro-actions for mega-outcomes

Do one very small thing each day (most tasks take less than 5 minutes) and watch how very small things add up to big ideas that will inspire you to retain healthy habits for life.

A look at the science

For the first week of the course I'll help you to understand exactly what blood pressure is and what your numbers mean. In the second week we'll be looking at key nutrients, how they work and where to find them. For the final week, we'll be looking at what the science says about the best lifestyle activities to support healthy blood pressure.

Community and Support

You're not alone! Let me be your personal guide for 21 days. Contact me, connect with other members, chat, share tips, share if things get tricky and cheer each other on in our private and supportive Facebook group.

Here's a summary of what you'll get:

Daily emails packed with information. You'll get a total of 25

  • Weekly meal planner so you can eat what we eat
  • Shopping list of key foods - if you don't like what we eat, shop from the list and eat your way!
  • Daily micro-tasks to help you accomplish your goals in easy steps
  • At least one video a day - either a recipe, a piece of information or both!
  • Full instructions on how to track your blood pressure and customize your protocol correctly - make it work for you
  • 'Fast Track' worksheet for those who like to do everything at once; 'Stepping Stones' for those who prefer a more steady pace
  • Supportive Facebook group
  • Weekly Live calls to answer your questions

About your Facilitator

It's lovely to meet you. I'm Susannah Alexander and I'm a size-friendly registered nutritional therapist.

During lockdown I was apart from my husband for 4 months while he stayed with his elderly mother. Let's just say that his diet wasn't optimal for someone with genetic high blood pressure during that time.

I don't have high blood pressure, but sometimes my numbers look as if they're heading in the wrong direction. I'm not happy about that, and I want to keep them as low as possible for as long as possible

That's why I developed this course; to help us out with our numbers and enable us to feel healthier overall. I can tell you that my husband feels a great deal healthier since following the plan, and that he's been able to progress with work that's stagnated for months. I can also tell you that my own systolic blood pressure fell by an average of 7 points over 21 days and my diastolic pressure fell by an average of 3 points over the 21 days. Those numbers could bring someone's blood pressure down into a safer classification range.

I've been a teacher for 25 years, so if you're feeling unsure or a little nervous I promise to take good care of you. And if you want to be equipped with knowledge of how your body works and how to use diet and lifestyle to your best advantage, you couldn't be in a better place.

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Susannah has a wealth of knowledge and is very kind and considerate sharing that knowledge with others.”

— Christine L. Hypnotherapist

Whether you have high blood pressure or are worried about heading in that direction, whether or not you are taking blood pressure medication, and whether you want to understand your body better, try out some new recipes or be part of a supportive community, you're more than welcome on this course, and I'm excited to meet you. Join us, and see what 21 days can do for you.

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